Catechists Resources

Teach, Catechist, Dove Word play

Dear Catechists,

Thank you so much for all that you do! The parish is blessed to have such dedicated and faith-filled volunteers. 

I have compiled here a list of resources for you. Some of these resources can directly assist you in your work with the children. Others are here because I thought they might be interesting to you as you continue on your own faith journey. 

In addition to what is here, please know that I have a tremendous amount of crafts, books, and gift items the Pastoral Center. I encourage you to speak with me about stopping in and pulling resources you can use in your classrooms. 

God Bless,



The Catechist’s Journey:

Catholic Icing:

The Religion Teacher:

The YouCat (Catechism for Teens):

Catholic Faith Essentials: - Videos on many excellent topics

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website: - find the daily readings as well as lots of great information on the faith

Praying the Rosary: