CORI & PGC - Important safety information

We are so glad you are interested in serving as a volunteer at Sacred Hearts Parish! Thank you for your cooperation with this most important item. Before you volunteer: all parish volunteers and employees over the age of 18 must:

  1. Complete an annual CORI background check. For your convenience, we host a CORI weekend each September. If you need to complete a CORI at any other time, please stop by the office during any regular business hours. Please remember to bring your driver's license. CORIs must be completed in person and cannot be done over email or Zoom.
  2. Complete a one-time "Protecting God's Children" (PGC) course, also known as "Virtus." You can create an account and sign up for a virtual or in-person class at Once your 3-hour class is completed, please send your certificate of completion to Dr. Elizabeth Woodard, pastoral associate.