Disciples in Mission

Sacred Hearts Parish pastoral plan stems from the concept of disciples in mission. Disciples are followers of Christ, those who aim to listen to his Great Commission in Matthew 28, in which he says to go and make disciples of people in all nations. This is our mission: bringing those who do not know the Lord to the Lord. We trust the Lord with the rest! How do we accomplish this?

Our pastoral plan has identified five areas of focus for how we might share God’s love with those in our community. They are:

HOSPITALITY: How are we welcoming newcomers? How are we creating an atmosphere here at the parish that mirrors the hospitality, kindness, and welcoming nature of the Kingdom of God? What programs, behaviors, and attitudes can effectively share God’s love with people?

LIFELONG FAITH FORMATION: Are we providing opportunities for people to continue to live, learn, and develop their faith throughout their lives? Formation of one’s spiritual life, prayer life, and character is not something we learn as kids and then assume is “all set” for the rest of our lives. Available to us is a rich life that continually draws from the wellspring of God’s gifts for us, if we only seek them. We seek to offer continual opportunities for classes, lectures, retreats, prayer gatherings, and other ways to attend to one’s faith life.

SERVICE & CHARITY: Jesus taught us that whenever we serve others in his name, we are serving God himself. Faith is not something only between me & God; God also cares how we care for each other. This is why Christ’s teaching equally emphasizes love of God and love of neighbor. How effective are we at noticing and responding to the needs in our community? What programs give parishioners meaningful ways of giving?

FORMING LEADERS: The Church is for everyone! Each person has a role to play in ushering in the Kingdom of God. Leadership in the Church is not just for priests, deacons, and nuns. How are we continually creating leadership opportunities for new people? How are current leaders sharing their knowledge by effectively apprenticing others, such that no one person is ever the sole person with skills and knowledge in an area?

VOCATIONS: We are asked to continually pray for new vocations to the religious life. Are we creating opportunities for our young people to learn about the consecrated life of a priest, nun, or deacon? Are we praying for new vocations?

We need your help! If you are interested in joining any of these five committees, each dedicated to the mission it represents, please reach out to Dr. Elizabeth Woodard, pastoral associate.