NO CLASSES in-person as long as the City of Haverhill is "red" on COVID-19 state map. Communication will be sent by e-mail for virtual learning. 

Our next class will be Sunday, November 1st & 15th (10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) and Wednesdays, November 4th & 18th (6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.). Registrations will be sent prior to the meeting date/time.


2020-2021 Faith Formation

Icon 2020-2021 Registration Form.pdf (385.3 KB) REGISTRATION FORM (all pages must be signed, dated, and payments enclosed upon submission)

Icon 2020-2021 Faith Formation (K-8) Calendar_V 10.4.20.pdf (202.5 KB) 2020-2021 CALENDAR (Grades K-8th)

Icon 2020-2021 Faith Formation Confirmation_V 8.2.20.pdf (120.5 KB) 2020-2021 CONFIRMATION CALENDAR (Year 1 and Year 2)

Dear Families,

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Sacred Hearts Parish Religious Education and Faith Formation page! Sacred Hearts Parish offers faith formation for students in grades K-10. Classes meet regularly throughout the school year and help children develop a close, personal, relationship with God and a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith.

The program is responsible for sacramental preparation in all grades. Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and Communion and reception of those sacraments typically takes place in 2nd grade. Sacramental preparation for Confirmation typically takes place in 9th and 10th grade with reception in 11th grade.

Parents of students with special needs are encouraged to contact us about participating in our programs. We look forward to partnering with you to help your child walk by faith.


Mae Ba

Director of Faith Formation

Sacred Hearts Parish

48 S Chestnut Street

Bradford, MA 01835

(978) 373-1281 ext. 117




We Love You!

We Care About You!

We're United In Prayer!


Lesson Guides for K-8 Faith Formation 


Icon Lesson Guides K-8, Homeschool 10.8.20.pdf (305.0 KB)  Lesson Guides for Grades: K, 1st, 3rd-8th

Grades K and 1st  will meet twice a month in-person on either a Sunday, or, Wednesday session, when allowed. When in-person meetings are not allowed, families are encouraged to follow our homeschool lesson guide to keep faith formation active. All children in grades K and 1st have been asked to pick up their "We Believe" workbook. 


Grades 2nd through 8th  will meet twice a month on either Sunday, or, Wednesday session. When in-person meetings are not allowed, communication will be sent by e-mail for virtual learning.   Please review the revised calendar below.

Chapter one
“Gratitude” - being thankful
Read page 6 & 7 OR watch episode 2 & 3


You are in session 1 - Scroll down past the first video after which there is a list of all of the videos of session 1

      WaTch Episode 2 (you are Blessed 3 mins)

     & episode 3(Count your Blessings 5 minutes)

Try to watch episode 3 Even if you read the book, there is something funny that happens!


Hint: there is a lot of talk about CHOCOLATE!


Fill in page 8 MY GRATITUDE LIST - We will love to hear about this on zoom!

Read pages 10 - 14 or watch video  episode 4 (My journey with God 6 mins)

Talk about your own baptism With your family

Maybe we could see a picture Of you at your Baptism on the zoom session




VENTURES  3rd to 6th Grade

VENTURE Pflaum Gospel Weekly: Read and prepare to discuss pages 1, 4, and 5.

Icon 10.18 Venture -The Project.pdf (2.7 MB) October 18th/21st

Icon 10.25 Venture - Jesus Has Two Rules.pdf (2.5 MB) October 25th/ 28th

Icon 11.1 Venture - What Makes A Saint.pdf (2.5 MB) November 1st/4th

Icon 11.8 Venture - Are You Ready.pdf (2.5 MB) November 8th/11th


VISIONS – 7th and 8th  Grade 

VISION Pflaum Gospel Weekly: Read and prepare to discuss pages 1, 4, and 5.

Icon 10.18 Visions - To Whom Do You Pledge Your Allegiance.pdf (2.6 MB) October 18th/21st

Icon 10.25 Visions - How Do You Put Your Love into Action.pdf (2.7 MB) October 25th/ 28th

Icon 11.1 Visions - Who Does God Bless.pdf (2.7 MB) November 1st/ 4th

Icon 11.8 Visions - What is Wise and What is Foolish.pdf (2.6 MB) November 8th/11th




Faith Formation Resources




Volunteers Needed!

The strength of our program relies upon the generosity and gifts of all of our volunteers. Between 80 and 100 adults help make Religious Education possible each year! While many opportunities require a commitment from September through April, others require less commitment. Those relating to sacramental preparation (2nd grade, 9th grade, and 10th grade) involve some additional preparation, meetings, and events.

Each year we have a variety of volunteer needs:

Catechists – to prepare lessons and present them to children; to help children develop a love for God and an understanding of the Catholic faith

Aides – to assist catechists in the classroom

Substitute teachers - available to cover for teachers unable to attend on particular class dates

Hall monitors - to assist students in safely traveling throughout our buildings and grounds

Office helpers – present during class and/or for a few hours during the week to assist in preparing catechist resources, assisting parents, tracking data, performing inventories.

Grade-Level Mass Coordinators – available to help now and then to prepare for Sunday morning family Masses

Safety Curriculum Teachers – to help teach, at three times throughout the year, the Archdiocese’s required safety curriculum

VBS volunteers – play a small or large role in the organizing and running of our Vacation Bible School

All Religious Education volunteers fill out an annual CORI and complete the Protecting God’s Children program.

Contact us to learn more or get involved!